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Taste Off

What do two Korean-Americans know about lasagna? I dunno either but the other night, Julie K. and her older brother went head to head in a competitive, exclusive cook off, which I was cordially invited to participate and help determine the “best lasagna”.

The night was eventful as we watched jeopardy and wheel of fortune waiting for the lasagna to be ready.  There were even moments during the cooking competition where the cooks came and played along to wheel of fortune.

The highlight of the evening, however, occurred when the night was almost ruined by an accidental overheating of the oven caused by burning cheese. High levels of smoke spat out of the oven when its doors were opened.  Luckily, the kitchen was not equipped with smoke detectors. No one was harmed during the competition. ‘Accidental’ is what the two cooks called it, but it more in lines with sabotage if you had tasted these lasagnas.

For the contest results, continue reading the post below.

The Contenders Profiles

Don't let the shirt and gloves fool you, he's no doctor!

Name:  Julie’s Older Brother

Favorite Fruit: Golden Kiwi

Pet Peeve:  People who’s jaw clicks when they eat

Least Favorite Food:  Lasagna

Shoe Size: UK Men size 3

Life Goal:  To climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with only one canister of oxygen.

Eating protein

Name:  Julie

Favorite Color:   Vermillion

Occupation: Graphic Artist

Favorite Book:   Anything by Danielle Steel

Favorite Past time:  Thrift store shopping

Spouse: David K. aka “Bone Crusher”

The Judges Profiles

Name:  Bone Crusher AKA Julie’s Husband

Political Affiliation: socialist

On his right to vote:   “I am abstaining.  I don’t want to sleep on the couch tonight.”

Name:  Jon

Claim to fame: Resident sommelier

Suggestions to the cooks: Lasagna shouldn’t be spicy and the broccoli was undercooked.


Name:  Mr. Sun, Math Teacher

Found the two dishes to be extremely soggy and spent the evening calculating the sauce to cheese to lasagna ratio.

Me and Pomegrante

Name:  Diana

Favorite activity: Watching Golden Girls on dvd

Favorite moment of the night: eating dessert

Name:  Mother to Julie and Julie’s Brother (not pictured)

Quote of the night: “Should’ve saved the time and money and purchased the Stouffer’s $9.99 lasagna.”

The judges chose to score the lasagnas based on the following criteria:  taste, texture, creativity, presentation and best overall.  Each criteria was out of ten points, even best overall…???

It was a close race. With a point value of 250 maximum, each contestant was awarded with 169/250.  TIE!  No one could believe it and blamed me for miscalculating. Why didn’t the math teacher add up the points then? So, the judges decided on omitting the electoral vote and using the popular vote method instead. Even with Bone Crusher abstaining from exercising his democratic freedom, 3 of 5 votes elected Julie to have the better tasting lasagna.  Here is the photo of the winning lasagna and of the winner.

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