Los Angeles experienced a severe windstorm this week and in my neighborhood, power was out for at least 36 hours. Some of my neighbors cars’ were trapped because of fallen trees that had blocked their driveways.  But, the morning after, I braved the busy streets, maneuvering around collapsed trees and inoperative signal lights in search of an open coffeehouse– one lucky cafe, Charlie’s Coffeehouse, bustling with customers drinking their cup of joes and charging their laptops and phones had a seat available for me.  With my coffee in hand, I decided to log on to the internet. But, internet service was unavailable..what to do next…? It was nearly lunch, so as I was pondering lunch options, I realized how the ice cream in my fridge was melting and would soon go to waste. I hate waste. I love my ice cream.   At that moment, I remembered listening to a podcast about food waste and recalled some ridiculous amount of edible food being thrown out annually!!! I found the podcast on my iTunes, but I was also able to find the article.  According to the author, Laura Wright Treadway,  30 millions tons of food is thrown out every year- enough food to feed all of Canada!

So, I  decided to salvage the leftovers I brought home the other night: linguini, chucks of peppered beef, chicken that I shredded and chopped up some fresh romaine to make a side salad.   I ended up heating these up over my stove top and eating with delight–

What are you eating?

So, lets stay in tonight.



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