Imposter! You are no Pumpkin!

Every autumn, I anticipate the moment I get to eat boatloads of the delicious persimmon.  There are two common types, the fuyu and haichiya, which are critically different.  The fuyu, is small, orange, and sort of looks like a smooth, miniature pumpkin.  The one shown in the photo below is the the fuyu, which is crunchy and sweet and can be eaten when it is picked.  The haichiya, if eaten in its unripe state, will deter you from future tastings.  The heart-shaped haichiya can only be enjoyed after it has fully ripened, yielding a very soft, gelatinous texture of syrupy goodness.



quartered and ready to eat

So, go out and look for some persimmons today at your local farmer’s market or a nearby Asian supermarket. Enjoy!


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